Trump Nominated Best President by the NRA, Democrats Cry for a Recount

The NRA has always been a shining beacon of Christianity and Safety when it comes to our national security.  Yesterday, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre declared that by almost unanimous vote Trump had secured the NRA honor of Best President of the 2000’s and joins the likes of the Abraham Lincoln, the first to be honored, and Theodore Roosevelt, the 6th Honory. Democrats however, were outraged that Obama was not considered despite his lack luster ability to pass any gun regulation during his two terms.  The NRA further mailed out a press release detailing their reasoning for the choice.

Most potently put was the simple message, “Obama may have stayed out of our way but it was Trump who embraced our ways and has kept the truth of Second Amendment alive as it should.  We expect great things from his second term when it inevitably comes to it.” Trump has yet to respond to the Honor but is expected to invite Wayne on his weekly Golfing trip. “I look forward to it. I bought a new Putter and everything.” Wayne said to the press about potentially golfing with the President with a large smile on his face.

Democratic Representatives from California have also been pushing for Reagan to be honored Posthumously but the NRA has deemed not to comment as Reagan is a moral Gray zone according to NRA Services.

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