“Splicing” Is The New Scary Weight Loss Trend Sweeping High Schools

American high schools have been the focus of bad trends over the years from “Gluten-Free” meals served at cafeterias to the removal of bring your Glock to school day. Now parents have a new trend to fear beyond Tide Pods and it’s called Splicing.

Splicing is the new trend where high schoolers of slim and athletic builds are removing fat in small patches around their bodies and injecting it into their “Heftier” friends as a way to turn slow burning fat into fast burning.

Needles previous thought to contain drugs have already been found and confiscated from over several dozen high schools nationwide and experts believe that the trend is far from over. Expert Kil Falore, the head of the Institute of Adolescent Psychology believes that the internet has already turned Splicing into the newest fad and it will only be a matter of time before the bodies begin to pile up.

We at the Washington Harvard asked our award winning physician consultant about the potential harm that could be caused by this trend. “Adolescents who try to extraveniously remove adipose tissue and supplement it into another individual’s internal cavity could produce a negative interaction within their body causing a spreading of necrotic tissue which could lead to disease and even death.”

All we can say to nervous parents is please talk to your teenager by sitting them down and discussing the issue or checking in on them at random times you would normally be busy and unannounced. If you ever find any needles please contact your local urgent care immediately.

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