Kevin O’Leary Spends Entire Speaking Event Making Fart Noises

Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank promises you his secrets to success and financial independence if you attend his event, priced at $1000 per attendee.

It came as a shock to most in attendance when he veered off script soon after his introduction and began making fart noises for the entirety of his time on stage.

We interviewed one attendee who said, “Even though it was an hour and a half of fart noises, I feel like I understood the point he was trying to make.”

We asked another enthusiastic attendee what they found so appealing about him after his charade and they commented, “He’s self-made, like Kylie Jenner, and that’s what I really like about him. So what if he’s preying on vulnerable people and using his image as a savvy investor to peddle his get rich quick scheme. I loved his fart noises.”

While no true secrets were revealed at this event, Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank remains head shark. It was not immediately clear if this is a regular part of his speaking act or a one-time incident.

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