China Expected To Double Down On Smog and join America’s Abandonment Of Paris Accords

Beijing is now the center of a new international scandal as the Chinese Parliament has announced that after months of deliberation, China will also be leaving the Paris Accords to the United Nations’ dismay.

The Paris Accords are a collection of nations that have signed an agreement to lower pollution by the year 2020. Chinese Prime Minister Xi announced this morning that, “Coal is still the good thing around here and with the amount of smog we already have, no sun is going to be able to power our panels. So we must ask ourselves, as the most powerful nation–tied with Russia, why not just stick to the stuff we know and let the rest of the world deal with our problems. America has been successfully doing it for decades, why not us.”

While scientists say this will knock us back 40 years in green energy, economists have been quick to sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into Chinese coal and nuclear projects that have boosted their economy back to early 2010 levels.

“Good Move” was all President Trump would say on the matter. Putin simply stared down our Foreign Reporter when asked about the matter.  We believe that this not the end of China’s new economic boom and we expect more from them in the future.

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