Avocado Orchards To Be Repurposed into Pomegranate Orchards as Demand Plummets

Millennials and Gen Z’ers have long been stereotyped as avocado enthusiasts putting avocados on everything from toast to makeup products.  Well it seems that craze is over as farmers in California and Mexico have set plans into motion to halve their avocado orchards and instead plant more pomegranate trees instead.  Farmers have noticed a harsh plummet in sales as Millenials have seemingly decided to abandon the fruit and embrace other tree-borne fruit instead. Pomegranate sales have been on the rise for the past 5 years and seem to be the new craze to sweep the younger generations.

“[Millennials] are just so picky nowadays. They want meat-free this and gluten-free that.  It’s just so hard to make a living trying to guess what food will be the next big crop.” says Mark Poefre, an avocado farmer from San Diego, California.  “Millenials should just learn to eat normal food like the rest of us and focus on getting real jobs like the rest of us.” Many farmers shared the same sentiments as Mr. Poefre but few also spoke of how it’s these very crazes that keep them in business.

“It’s due to those youngins with the trust funds and welfare that we even make enough to feed ourselves.” says Betty Rowen, a farmer who has already made the switch to pomegranates.  “I’m lucky init I’m ahead of the curve and have been cashin’ on the new craze otherwise I would have to sell my fields to just make ends meet!”

It’s up to us, the wiser generation to look on the younger generation to teach them the ways of the world and how to do something as simple as eat their vegetables.

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